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(For individual, group and organizations)

Voice Movement Integration (VMI)

Voice Movement Integration is an intensive physical training actively combines movement, touch, breath and voice to stimulate, organize and integrate body, emotions and thought.

VMI aims to give unconventional tools for enhancing the use of the voice and to achieve an efficient body posture without forcing the process of body reorganization from the habitual pattern.

For personal, professional and creative development, focused programs are designed for individual, group and organizations.

Some organizations I've had the pleasure to work with are: Herlaar Business Coaching and Naropa University, Atma (Authenticity, Talent & Management Advice) 

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(Private Sessions from baby to elderly)

VMI Bodywork

VMI Bodywork is a gentle, precise hands-on somatic bodywork practice integrating touch, guided movement & sound to improve imbalances in the nervous system as it interacts with the neuromuscular, skeletal, organ and endocrine systems.

It restores vitality, balance and calmness through the entire body.

An individual session focuses on the needs of each person’s health. It is designed to help a wide range of physical conditions, and offers helpful therapeutic techniques including somatic movement therapy, organ rebalancing, lymphatic drainage, and cranial sacral therapy.

It invites & encourages fresh sensation in our state of mind and being. 

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Conditions that respond well to VMI Bodywork include:

Stress, chronic fatigue & burn out
Digestive conditions
Muscular tension & injuries
Spine & joint mobility
Lower back pain
Asthma & respiratory conditions
Headache & migraine
Menstruation discomfort
Pre- and post-natal conditions 

“In my bodywork practice I welcome people of any age that want to relieve body pain and feel better; people that want to find a new way to deal with their professional or personal challenges. I want to guide people to feel lighter and healthy.
People come for a VMI Bodywork session to help relieve stress, muscular tension and pain in their body. They come when they feel a lack of vital energy, for headaches, digestive conditions and menstruation discomfort. Some people want to feel more in contact with themselves and be in tune with their thought, feeling and emotion.” 

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VMI Creative Approach
(For performing artist) 


Meet the person where they are

- means to letting go of the choreographer preconception about the piece, to let go of the “what shall I do with the group” and to only look, listen and answer in a language that is understood from the dancer and to ultimately find an authentic source of inspiration for the creation of the scene.

“Meet the person where they are” does not put the dancer down; it gave a reference point to know where to start a communication with full respect for both parties, and to know how far is possible to bring the dancer to another level of perceptions and expression.  

Stay open and allow the unfolding

- is for the choreographer the beginning of the creative process. After having passed by the body protection, mental and emotional barriers is time to dive inside and allow the creative process to start and so the inner restriction to melt.

“Don’t force the creation, honour the process of unfolding.”

The word Integration

In order to achieve a sense of integration in between the dancer and in them I need to make sure that the dancer know clearly who they are in the piece, why are on stage, why are interacting with each other and why are out of stage.