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Fashion show at the roc MondriaanColleg, Den Haag

Catwalk training and choreography for 24 groups for a total of 250 models.
Final presentation of their new collections.
Project in collaboration with Aliye van Pijkeren, MVP wearaware.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

"Home Sweet Home" is a dance performance choreographed by Francesca Bracelli with the participations of Movement Re-Training Center clients. Their ages, backgrounds and experiences could not differ more. Only one of them is a professional dancer. What they have in common is the will and curiosity to explore how their life stories could be told through movement. The journey is both internal and external, as different memories and feelings are triggered, expressed and physically communicated to each other and ultimately to a public so as to convey each participant’s definition and experience of what it is to feel home.

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In un Attimo

In a moment everything can happen...
The people and the events are passing by but If you fully live them, they leave a stamp in your life and in your being.
In honor of my dance teacher, pedagog and inspiration Giuseppe Gilardi

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Danserye +

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The BIG Sound trip

Live music improvisation and dance creation based on the “Celebration of your Senses”. With the participation of the RotterdamsSymfonischBlaasorkest, SKVR, Codarts musicians, the first trompettist of RotterdamsPhilharmonischOrkest and the conductor Carlo Balemans.

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The Sole of the Soul

Inspiritedby Carolina personal journey and life experience about anorexia.Carolina’s story it’s a story of rejection, fight, will power & love for dance repressed from Carolina's personal journey and life experience...

All the choreography was around the relationship with our own image. This piece was part of the poetry day and was created for a public of 80 students of 16 years old.

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SalonedellaModa, Tableau Vivant of MevanKaluarachchi

Aliye van Pijkeren, Beautyfull presentation of de collection of Mevan, with strong movements of the dancers, in harmony with the clothes!

Mariel Vieira I ♥ the Tableau Vivant of MevanKaluarachchi and choreography of Francesca Bracelli, beautiful dancers/models!

MevanKaluarachchiheeftgisterenzijnnieuweCollectie ‘Wardrobe’ meteenprachtige 'Tableau Vivant' getoond in samenwerkingmet de dansers van Coadart 'Grey Timmers, BaptisteSandere, DuarteFernandes, Wojciech Grudzinski, DanejKelherSeljakmet de choreografie van Francesca Bracelli.

Schoenen van Berlioz die gedragenwerdentijdens de 'tableau vivant' vielen in de smaakbijhetpubliek. (De schoenen van Berliozwordenhandgemaakt in Rotterdam door meesterschoenmakerMauritz C. Vlot.)