GYROTONIC® rehabilitation program

GYROTONIC® rehabilitation program aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life and uses GYROTONIC® therapeutic application. This movement system balances at every level, including mobility, strength, and coordination.
GYROTONIC® exercise uses controlled resistance and non-weight bearing movements that are ideal for injury rehabilitation. It can be used alone or alongside traditional physical therapy, and is particularly effective when the rest period is over and it is time to move the injured area again. The movements are tailored to the specific injury to be pain-free with just the right amount of resistance to stimulate the injured area. Because of the circular three-dimensional quality of GYROTONIC® movements, circulation and energy flow is increased without causing unnecessary pain or jarring. This makes the recovery process faster and more comfortable.
Rehabilitation of the entire body is integrated into basic GYROTONIC® movement progressions.

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The GYROTONIC® Rehabilitation program is divided in three steps:

Regeneration Period:

Educating the body on how to use breath actively and effectively is part of all GYROTONIC® programs. It is the beginning of the integration process for all physical or energetic issues.
Focus: Bring the injured structure into balance 

Reorganisation Period:

From leaning to sitting.
Focus: Change the not efficient habitual pattern in the body.

Rehabilitation Period:

From sitting to standing
Focus: Bring clients back to his life profession 

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It’s recommended to come 3 times a week for one-hour session and do the given homework sequence daily.

Client needs to be diagnosed first from a specialist. 

What is special about GYROTONIC® Rehab?

◦ We don’t only work for making it better but we change the habitual physical pattern in order to avoid the coming back of the injury.
◦ We don’t focus only on the injured area but we work holistically.
◦ Clients become more aware of his body and know how to prevent the coming back of the injury. 

Rehab program helps to alleviate

◦  Knee/Hip arthritis and pain
◦  Spinal problems/Herniated disc
◦  Foot/hand injuries
◦  Shoulder/rotator cuff injuries
◦  Neck/back pain
◦  Meniscus repairs
◦  Fibromyalgia