Francesca Bracelli Biography

International Somatic Movement Educator and therapist
Certified GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer and GYROTONIC® Trainer

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Name: Francesca Bracelli

International Somatic Movement Educator and therapist
specialized in Voice&Movement integration and organ rebalancing;
Certified GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer and GYROTONIC® Trainer. Choreographer.
Practice address:
Movement Re-Training Center
Wijnbrugstraat 5
3011 XW Rotterdam
+31 (0)6 44 85 35 81
Birth Date:
February 25, 1985
Place of Birth:
La Spezia, Italy
Italian, English, French and Dutch

Francesca Bracelli is Italian and is currently a certified International Somatic Movement Educator and therapist, certified GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer and GYROTONIC® trainer, choreographer.
In the somatic field she’s specialized in Voice&Movement Integration (VMI), VMI Bodywork and Organ Rebalancing. As GYROTONIC® Trainer she’s also specialized in GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Application for: Pelvic Girdle, herniated discs; Rehabilitation for breast cancer survivor; Pre and Postnatal Mother.
A strong advocate for pain-free hands-on, physical movement, active listening and dialogue with the body, she involves the clients in an active inner communication that provide them the opportunity to change the habitual patterns to achieve well-being, excellence in their profession and to recover from severe injuries.
Currently she is working at Movement Re-training Center as GYROTONIC® trainer and GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer, VMI Somatic Educator & Therapist and at CodartsRotterdam, university of the arts.

Background and Training
Francesca Bracelli was born in a cozy tiny village on the seacoast of Italy and started her full time dance education at 7 years old. In 2010, she graduated from the RotterndamCodarts Academy Performance Department. Since 2004, she has professionally danced, taught and choreographed for several international dance companies including: Ballet Junior de Geneva (Switzerland), De Dansers (The Netherlands), La FuradelsBaus (Italian tour), Dansatelier (The Netherlands), TheatherMaatwerk (The Netherlands). She also worked with choreographers as Kirsten Debrok, Pascal Gravat and PriscaHarsch, Sean Wood, Gilles Jobin, Gabriella Staiger, Tom Stuart, NoortjieBijvoets, Feri de Geus, Lucinda Childs, Patrick Delcroix, Thierry Malandain.
Her constant physical training and curiosity about knowing all the different aspect of the body (Physical, Emotional, Energetic, Mental), lead her to the path of somatic practice and GYROTONIC® movement method.

2015-2016:OpleidingMedischeBasiskennisEnergie School
2015: GYROTONIC® Application for the Pelvic Gridle and for Breast Cancer Survivors
2014-2015: Organ Rebalancing Advanced Bodywork Practitioner Course
2014: GYROTONIC® Application for Pre/Post Natal Mother
2013-2014: GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training Course
2012-2013: GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training Course
2010/2014: Vocal Dance&Voice Movement Integration Somatic Movement Training by Patricia Bardi
2006/2010: Codartshogeschoolvoor de kunsten, RotterdamseDansacademie directed by Caroline Harder
2004/2006: Ecole de Danse de Genève, directed by Sean Wood and Patrice Delay
1992/2004: IV Movimento dancing school, Sarzana (SP) Italy

Work Experience as Dancer
2012: ‘Follies Filles’ by Nina Boas | Sprookjesparade
2011: ‘Invisible City’ by Adam Nillissen | ‘Battle of Dreams’ with Theater Maatwerk by Hans Lein and Matthew Otaegui
2008/2010: ‘Les Follies’, Nina Boas | De Dansers, ‘Reuzenparade’, ‘Fantamagoria’, ‘Marathon 2010‘ | La FuradelsBaus, ‘Extollunt Marmora Lunam’ | Compagnia Belle Epoque, Operetta ‘Il Paese Dei Campanelli’, ‘Si’, ‘The Merry Widow’ | Dylan Newcomb, ‘Dancing Science’ | Teatri del Vento, ‘La Nascita Della Primavera’
2004/2006: Ballet Junior de Genève

Work Experience as Choreographer
2016: Home Sweet Home, Studio de Bakkerij, Rotterdam
2015: The Big Sound Trip, De Doelen Rotterdam;
The Sole of the Soul, VAK, Delft
2014: Danserye. RO Theater, Rotterdam
2013: roc Mondriaan Fashion show in collaboration with MVP wear aware
2012: ‘In un Attimo’, duo at Spazio Made, Italy | SalonedellaModa, Tableau Vivant MevanKaluarachchi, Holland | Presentation atFormaat
2009/2010: De Dansers, ‘Marathon 2009/2010’, ‘Reuzenparade’ | ‘A Line’, Collaboration project with Helene de Grood, Holland
2005: ‘Straniero’, solo, Switzerland

Work Experience as dance Teacher, Trainer, and Therapist
2012 - until now: VMI Somatic Educator/therapist, RSME, RSMT, GYROTONIC® Trainer and GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer at Movement Re-Training Center
2013 – until now: GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer and Ballet Guest teacher atCodarts, University of the Art Rotterdam
2012: Ballet teacher for kids in StichtingTrias, Rijswijk | VMI educator at Dansatelier and CIRCLE Rotterdam
2011: VMI educator at Theater Maatwerk, Rotterdam | Modern and ballet teacher in Balletschool Marcella, Gouda.
2003/2004: Modern teacher in Scuola di Ballo Quarto Movimento, Sarzana, Italy

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